Besides a good salary, good relationships with your immediate supervisors and job security, having good work friends also contributes to job satisfaction. Having a friend or two at work can give you a sense of belonging. Friends aid in establishing a rich and rewarding work environment. Making friends at work does not need to be difficult, especially if your work environment is one in which you feel comfortable.

Initiate IntroductionsYou may be shy and if you take a deep breath you can overcome that just long enough to introduce yourself. A good strategy is to “act as if” and that can mean whatever you need it to mean. Act as if you are an extrovert. Act as if you enjoy meeting new people. Act as if you are genuinely interested in the other person and you may find that you are! You have more to share than you think you do so do not be afraid to strike up a conversation and find out what you have in common with others.

Eat Lunch with OthersYou may think you are being more productive when you eat lunch at your desk, however, the opposite is true. Your creativity and productivity are enhanced when you change up your environment for that time and eat elsewhere. You can also get to know your co-workers by choosing to eat lunch with them.

Be a Good ListenerSometimes good listeners can be hard to come by. Those who genuinely listen to others are often considered premium friends because they can be rare. Too often people  tend to think about what they want to say next rather than listen to what is being said. 

Participate in Work EventsWhen given a choice to go to the office picnic, take it. Work events can be fun and  entertaining, and they provide a relaxed environment to get to know your co-workers better. 

Enjoy Happy HourThis classicafter-work activity is where many friendships are forged. Keep it light and remember to be professional while you enjoy the camaraderie of others. 

Always Be KindSome work environments can be cutthroat and still, those who are kind will rise to the top because kindness is appreciated. Besides being known for your skill and work ethic, it helps to be known for your kindness too.

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