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JCI members have various opportunities to volunteer their time and expertise to help with area events. Whether you are looking at a one-off opportunity or you would like to have an ongoing volunteer experience, you can check here to discover the latest information regarding organizations and programs that can use your help.

JCI Fund-Raising

On this page you will also find information about fund-raising events the JCI St. Paul is providing. Our fundraising efforts help furnish the monies for the St. Paul Jaycees Foundation. The Foundation provides grants for up to $2500 for eligible organizations. This important work helps qualified non-profit organizations, organizations involved with social welfare and government agencies fund projects and programs that will benefit the St. Paul community.

Starting 1957, JCI St. Paul invited high school students from the area (grades 9-12) to submit original artwork for the show in the Les Farrington Best 100. It is one of the only non- school sponsored art events, allowing students to compete against their peers and gain exposure and recognition in the community. Since the inaugural year of the show, $170,000 has been awarded to young artists, making higher education more accessible for thousands of students in the Twin Cities.

The Saint Paul Charitable Foundation Board decided in 2021 to evolve this event in a way to involve both recognition and arts education  by partnering with COMPAS .  The Emerging Young Artists (EYA) is a new initiative from COMPAS to recognize the excellence and nurture the talent of young visual artists in the Saint Paul area. 

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The Emerging Young Artists program is a newer initiative from COMPAS to provide young people from under-resourced communities in Saint Paul have the opportunity to participate in art programs and gain the skills needed to learn, create and grow their creativity. The need for creative opportunities in the Twin Cities is greater than ever before. Our mission is to harness the creativity of young people by providing access to art education and academic support to ensure their success in school and beyond.


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