The Jaycees are a national organization dedicated to community engagement, professional development, and philanthropy and fundraising. Formed in the 1920’s, the Jaycees have helped communities during the worst of times and the best of times. The Saint Paul Jaycees Charitable Foundation is carrying on that legacy throughout the Saint Paul community. The question becomes, why do I support JCI Saint Paul and how?

The Why

We know there are a million charitable organizations doing well all over the world. We are not denying that you have to make choices because there is only so much to go around. However, JCI St. Paul has a long history of helping young people grow in professional development as well as philanthropy. We believe that business and charity go hand in hand. In order to be successful in one, you must be successful in both. Moreover, we believe in helping our local community. For example, we have been proud to be the driving force behind the School Patrol Parade and Picnic as well as the Les Farrington Best 100 Juried Art Exhibition. Nationally, we have taken a special interest in helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey. We are not just sending money and supplies (although that is truly helpful). We are putting boots on the ground, helping those in need. We have partnered with the Texas Jaycees to help get people back into their homes or a home and return to the new normal. In addition to helping the community, many of our members have gone on to develop successful careers while keeping philanthropy a driving force in their lives.

The How

There are several ways to get involved with the Jaycees. Of course, we welcome outside donations from individuals who wish to support our efforts. Many times, we offer Facebook campaigns looking for donations in support of our community efforts. We also love to host events in the community to raise funds and network with like-minded individuals. Our events are usually affordable and a great time. Finally, we would love to see you become a member. There is no “type” of member. Our members hail from different backgrounds and have different goals. However, they all wish to help the community.

As a group of young people looking to make a difference while making our way in the world, we have found the Jaycees to be an organization that stands behind its members and its community. Whether you are looking to help the community and gain a sense of pride, the Jaycees are a great place to start. Furthermore, if you are looking to help an organization that was formed for religious, charitable, scientific, public safety, educational, and community engagement purposes, the Jaycees are a perfect place to start. Oh, and your donation is tax deductible!

Contact us today at to learn more about the Jaycees, what we are working on this week, and how you can help!