If you are one of the 44% of Americans who makes a New Year’s Resolution, perhaps becoming a member of JCI St. Paul will help you achieve it this year. While we won’t drag you to the gym or slap that cookie out of your hand, we could be a key part of helping you reach your career goals and improve your community.

Professional Development

First of all, there are straight-forward benefits that membership with JCI St. Paul offers to your career trajectory. As a Jaycee, you would gain access to special events, professional development opportunities, and leadership development trainings. And, as many of our members are young professionals in their respective fields, your network would quickly expand.

However, it’s important to note that via our priority of community action, you will improve yourself at the same time that you improve your community. Through philanthropy and volunteer work, you will gain new skills and knowledge. Additionally, the opportunity to engage with different organizations in varying capacities may allow you to see a different perspective and broaden your horizon regarding your role in the community.

Community Development

JCI St. Paul is committed to giving back to our community and creating positive change. Beyond that, we recognize that the more we grow and develop in our professional capacities, the better we can serve those around us and truly foster community development.

To become a member of JCI St. Paul, and start making steps towards your goals now, contact us at