Chapter Road Runs are preeminently a fun and exciting experience.  A chapter Road Run consists of three or more members from a Jaycee chapter attending an event or fundraiser of another chapter. Road Runs are a great opportunity to learn about other chapters; their events; and supports the community locally, internationally, and worldwide. Road Runs are also a method to uniquely bridge chapters together. It creates wonderful opportunity to get better acquainted with your neighboring chapters and to offer support to their events. Each chapter generally has a distinctive event or fundraiser. For instance, Hopkins is known for the “Raspberry Fest” in June; Lake Elmo has the “Huff and Puff” in August; and Saint Paul has “Grand ‘Ol Days” and “City Page Wine Tasting. Logs aredocumented to record the total number of chapter miles; chapter Road Runs, and the diverse chapters that were visited. Road Runs foster relationships across chapters and essentially it support chapters in their region and state. There are also individual Road Runs that are in existence. Road Runs are completed at the end of each trimester to the State.

As I look back over the past year at the various Road Runs, one of my personal favorite events that I’ve attended was the 2016 State Bowling Tournament at Mattie’s Lanes and Grille. The event was hosted by the South Saint Paul chapter back in March, and six members of the Saint Paul Jaycees participated and won the Best Team Costume. There was fierce competition among thirteen chapters and a total of fourteen teams. I remembered walking into the event that morning and I immediately thought, “This is our community.” The event was a time to bond with your fellow Jaycees and make connections with new members. 

By having my chapter alongside me, it encouraged me to step out my usual comfort zone and challenged me to meet other members from different chapters and learn more about their events. I enjoyed gaining knowledge and perspective in the innovative and exceptional events that each chapter delivered. There are plenty of networking opportunities to meet new people and also grow within your professional network. At every event I attended, I met someone new and that was an amazing experience. The Jaycees are committed to serving the community, as well as, giving back which is synonymous to who I am and my philosophies. Road Runs foster relationships across chapters and essentially it support chapters in their region and state. 

There are all kinds of Road Run opportunities throughout the year. To learn more, check out for all of those events and more!

Lori Yang
2016 State Delegate