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JCI Saint Paul’s roots go back to 1929. We first formed as the Saint Paul Junior Chamber and quickly established a reputation as leaders in the community. We’ve proudly played a major role in Saint Paul traditions, including the annual School Patrol Parade and Picnic and the Saint Paul Winter Carnival.

Beyond community-building events and social aid initiatives, our widest reaching impact came via a U.S. Supreme Court battle to grant women full membership rights and privileges. The challenge, made in 1984, changed the landscape for fraternal organizations across the country.


This is the legacy that our president’s proudly carry on as they lead new initiatives. This is the legacy that our 93rd president, Sarah Philippe, is proud to be a part of.

Sarah found JCI Saint Paul over four years ago when looking for groups to join on Meetup. She officially signed on as a Jaycee before even attending an event. Sarah is a big fan of trivia and scavenger hunts, so when those were the first two events she attended, she was sold.

But she was also looking for something special. A catalyst for change in her life. She wanted to surround herself with people who shared a passion for volunteerism and community impact with her. She wanted to gain skill that would help her find her dream job.

And she did. Sarah has made friends for life in Jaycees, and started a great career with MADD Minnesota. With MADD, she manages the Walk Like MADD event, coordinates volunteers, and promotes underage drinking prevention.

As the membership VP for 2017-2018, Sarah is looking forward to taking on additional responsibilities at the organization that has welcomed her and helped her find her place in the community. Her top priority for 2019 is capacity building and organizational growth.

If you want to be a part of something larger than yourself, JCI Saint Paul is a great place to start. To join Sarah in our international network of people passionate about making the world a better place and serving others, please fill out a Membership Application!