Named after the 1929 St. Paul Junior Chamber first chapter president, Les Farrington, the annual JCI St. Paul Farrington Dinner is a time to reflect upon the past year of community service and events. This year the dinner was held at Mancini’s Char House in St. Paul on October 24, 2018. The 2018 current president, Lynn Winkel, is the 92nd to hold the office for JCI since it began and was elected into the Farrington Club. Her successor, Sarah Phillipe, the incoming 93rd president, came to hold office after serving as the JCI VP of membership. Sarah was officially welcomed to the dinner. 

Attendees of the JCI St. Paul Farrington Dinner

Typically, the Farrington Dinner is a gathering time for past and current JCI presidents. Along with the incoming and current presidents attending, 19 other past president club members gathered to give input and insight regarding the previous year of events and activity for JCI and give advice from previous years. Presidents as far back as the 35th president from 1961 attended.  See below for the full list, including year served, presidential number and names:

2019        93          Sarah Philippe

2018        92          Lynn Winkel 

2017        91          Samantha Bossman

2016        90          Jenna Huntley

2014        88          Kate Thompson

2013        87          Elyssa Weber

2012        86          Dawn VanWambeke (Stillmunkes)

2009        83          Debbie Ackerman

2005        79          Laura Chesney-Gadd

2004        78          Lisa Hiebert

2003        77          Quinn Kolb

2002        76          Barbara Jeffers (Uchytil) 

1999        73          Bill Schmechel

1996        70          Lori Grams

1995        69          Karen Bechtold

1992        66          Richard J Battis, Jr.

1991        65          Ann Reim Woessner

1989        63          Ted Davies, Jr.

1965        39          Darrell Butterwick

1964        38          Joseph T. O’Neill

1961        35          Robert C. Momsen

Long-standing Jaycees remain committed to serving and guiding future leaders in the community. JCI St. Paul has been extremely blessed to have such dedicated and selfless leaders since 1929.